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Mage Lore Novels

Heir of Gods

To find the gods, Ayla may have to sacrifice her heart.

When mysterious raiders creep across the borders, Ayla does what any responsible mage-in-training would do. She petitions the gods for help.

Just when she finally receives a response, she discovers her father, the clan leader, plans to marry her off to the spoiled heir of another clan to secure an alliance.

Determined not to become a pawn in her father’s political games, Ayla concocts a new plan.

But is she prepared to leave her dreams behind and confront a forgotten foe in order to secure the future she wants?

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Heir of Gods book cover

Gift of Gods

When petitioning the gods, be careful what you ask for!

Ayla returns, ready to help the clans prepare for what's coming. But will the new mages be ready in time?

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Book Three

Trilogy conclusion!

The thrilling end of Ayla's adventure...